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CD Start-It comes in two versions--Lite and Pro. There are two functional differences between these versions. CD Start-It Pro can create Link Menus and start more than one file automatically. Otherwise, the versions are only different in their appearance/usability. The following sections seek to thoroughly explain any and all knowledge necessary to create auto-starting CD-ROMS using CD Start-It (and then some).

Throughout the manual, when the term "CD Start-It" is used, this should be assumed to apply to both CD Start-It Lite and CD Start-It Pro. Version specific features or information will be properly designated otherwise.


Useful Terms
What CD Start-It Can Do
What CD Start-It Can Not Do

Using CD Start-It Lite

Starting Microsoft PowerPoint Files

Using CD Start-It Pro

Step 1: Adding Files to your CD
Step 2: Configure CD Features
Step 3: Build and Burn your CD
Starting Microsoft PowerPoint Files

Auto Start Features In-Depth

Splash Screen
Drive Icon
Start Files
Graphical Menu
     Assigning Actions


     Why CD Start-It Uses the PowerPoint 97 Viewer
     Gathering the PowerPoint 2003 Viewer Files
     Substituting in the PowerPoint 2003 Viewer


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